Mohanji Talks at Kingston University: Insights on Capitalism, Change, and Contentment

During an engaging talk at Kingston University Business School, Mohanji shared his views on the ever-changing landscape of capitalism. When asked how capitalism has evolved, he pointed out that social capital has soared, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Mohanji, the pandemic shone a spotlight on the limits of money and emphasized the critical importance of human connection.
He gave a stark warning: if our communication systems collapse, decentralization will be a must, leading to a tense global atmosphere and countries grinding to a halt. For entrepreneurs, flexibility is the name of the game. “Keep shifting. Be fluid like water. This adaptability will position you well in a rapidly changing world.” In today’s fast-paced economy, long-term plans are a thing of the past.
Mohanji wrapped up by stating that capitalism is always evolving. He likened it to buying a perfect phone, only to see a better model pop up shortly after. While the pandemic shook things up, it won’t put an end to the free economy.
In response to a question about alternatives to capitalism, Mohanji explained that all systems, including capitalism, evolve. He blamed the destructiveness of capitalism on immature leadership, noting that arms dealers are the main winners of wars. However, he praised ethical businesses like the Tata Group for their positive impact.
A major theme of Mohanji’s talk was personal contentment. He shared his own journey from chasing material success to finding joy in social and humanitarian work, challenging the notion that money guarantees happiness.
He told a story about asking New York university students why they chose their courses. Most replied with “big money,” but Mohanji urged them to think about happiness. He said, “Money cannot guarantee happiness. Happiness has to happen now.”
Mohanji encouraged doing what you love, as it brings contentment and stability. He argued that personal stability is key to a balanced world. He reassured the audience that staying true to oneself leads to success, citing Colonel Sanders of KFC as an example of fantastic late-life success.
On the topic of AI, Mohanji said it’s an inevitable part of modern life. He suggested focusing on fostering connection, respect, care, and responsibility to maintain a balanced life. However, he reminded everyone that we can’t stop the flow of changes that time brings.
In the end, Mohanji’s message was clear: Stay flexible, do what makes you happy, and keep evolving with the times.