Be You - Program with Mohanji in Croatia

“Most original people are not accepted nor appreciated whilst they are alive. However, we are original and originality is our birthright. Being original is the most authentic possibility in a lifetime. Hence, dare to be original regardless of how the world sees you or takes you. Being original is the most authentic, natural and non-pretentious state. That is our real state before we become imitations of society and limitations of circumstances.”
Mohanji - Be Original

About this program

It is with great pleasure that we present last program with Mohanji in the Balkans this year. In the Program, Mohanji will talk about the importance of how to remain authentic, consistent with yourself, maintain your integrity, stay healthy and still progress in life, at the same time encouraging others to grow. You will learn about meditation and techniques which strengthen our body and spirit, as well as have the opportunity to ask Mohanji questions on the topic.

Who can attend

A seeker who wishes to see a transformation within themselves and lead a healthy, stable and balanced life of love, peace and happiness whilst being with themselves.

When is it happening

Program - Be You; in Zagreb, Croatia, is scheduled for October 27, at 6 PM.

How to Register & Price

Price : 47 EUR
SPECIAL : Live streaming of the Program in Zoom Price 30 EUR When is it happening October 27, at 7 PM via Zoom
How to register By paying 30 EUR to Mohanji Croatia PayPal account or