Datta Jayanti Weekend With Mohanji

Gurulight invites you to celebrate Datta Jayanti with Mohanji in Shirdi. Bask in Mohanji’s presence in Shirdi during the Datta Jayanti in a free-flowing programme with a safe family like atmosphere where the serious work of self-transformation and healing is liberally sprinkled with humour, laughter, love, caring, compassion and kindness. Experience this transformation, get ready to shed your baggage, taste silence of the mind as we go within.

Seize this rare and golden opportunity to release mental and emotional perceptions collected over many lifetimes. Anchor in Love to amplify and welcome the flow of divinity, to remove blockages, and express and embrace your true divine and authentic self. Mohanji finely attunes to each participant’s uniqueness. gently helping them to reconnect with their individual divine power to live in awareness.

We have an (in-person) non-residential weekend program in Shirdi on 18th and 19th December 2021. Please note that this is a non-residential retreat. Participants will have to arrange their own accommodation. Also, only high tea will be served during this program.

We are also launching an online program on Datta Jayanti (18th December) for online participation due to popular demand.

To take advantage of this spiritually accelerating and enlightening opportunity, please book early as space is limited.

We look forward to seeing you there.