EMPOWERED 2.0 Awaken to a world of Peace and Joy

An Exclusive Online Workshop with MOHANJI

“Make your life more purposeful. YOU CAN. Reinvent yourself. YOU CAN. Do not just let hours laze by and regret in the days ahead. Every moment is precious. It will never happen again.” - Mohanji

About this Program

The first program on Empower – a journey from fear to freedom was an exhilarating journey of connecting with ourselves through the manual of human life. Mohanji taught us to be our natural self by elevating our awareness and recognising the state we operate from. The deep cleansing sessions involved purification of the body, mind and intellect to connect with the inherent dweller – YOU. It was a journey from our basic instinct of survival to leading a free and liberated existence. This can be achieved.


Minimum contribution of 150 Euros

Any higher contribution is highly appreciated, as every contribution goes towards benevolent activities by the Mohanji Foundation.

“Freedom is not the freedom of the senses or mind to roam over sensory objects. Real freedom is freedom from the senses and mind. Freedom is not the freedom of the mind, it is from the mind.” - Mohanji