Existence is a beautiful medley that harnesses the harmony of many lives on earth. Human hearts should feel it and nurture it to realize abundance on earth. All lives matter. You shall not kill. We shall not kill.

Rejections of Society

Whatever society rejected has gained strength. The oppressed and suppressed have risen and gained strength over time. Time is like a wave. What goes up

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Understanding Beings

It is important to understand that we cannot truly understand another being, let alone another human being, let alone a true Master.

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Goodness of our Hearts

We can carry nothing from here when we die except the residue of the goodness of our hearts. The residual goodness travels with us beyond

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Love Unites

Only love can unite. Fear cannot. Hatred cannot. Revenge cannot. Jealousy cannot. Negative emotions are signs of weakness. It is the degeneracy of the mind

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Rights and Responsibilities

The world talks about rights but seldom talks about responsibilities. If generations focus on responsibilities and accountabilities, the world will regenerate itself. The goodness factor

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