Guru Leela V: Dimensions Beyond Horizons

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Guru Leela V: Dimensions Beyond Horizons

The words “Guru Leela” mean the divine play of the Guru (one’s spiritual Master). This is what these books are about. The spiritual Master and His leela – His divine play – as experienced by his followers! Guru Leela recounts the miraculous and transformational experiences shared sincerely and honestly by Mohanji’s followers from across the world. It is a garland of pearls of real-life testimonials strung together on strong threads of faith, love and gratitude.

The books in the Guru Leela series will help the reader witness the hand of the divine through the miracles and transformation experienced by every day people in everyday situations. just by reading the experiences, we believe that the readers will experience the same joy as felt by the followers who shared them as well as experience divine grace through these words.

When the aspirant has unshakable faith, rock-solid conviction in themselves and their chosen path, and uncompromising consistency with the spiritual Master, they are sure to attain the ultimate goal or destination in their spiritual journey. Further, one achieves a higher level of awareness that not only increases their spiritual frequency but is also conducive to even greater transformations in life. This is exactly what is observed in all the experiences that we have brought together in Guru Leela!

This book. the fifth and latest part of the Guru Leela series, gives us a glimpse of the truth of a real Master in different dimensions. Enthralling stories of the first meeting to life-transforming lessons stabilising the connection with the is said that a deep connection pulls the Master to the devotee, particularly at the time of transition from the physical plane. Faith and acceptance are pillars that take us on the journey of completion.

“My job is to take you to yourself. You are the origin (of the journey), and you are the destination. I am just a reminder. If you are truly connected to God, if your path is liberation, every moment is fulfilment.” – Mohanji