Kriya Yoga – Through Breath To Light
Kriya Yoga – Through Breath To Light

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Kriya Yoga – Through Breath To Light

Consciousness Kriya is a sacred technique offered by Brahmarishi Mohanji to guide people to liberation. In Mohanji’s words, Kriya helps you to align yourself so you can transcend from noises to perfect silence, which is your true nature. Over the last decade, many people around the world have been practising Consciousness Kriya sincerely. Many have had life-altering transformations.
A compendium of testimonials from various practitioners, this book seeks to bring out the different flavours of the journey of Kriya Yoga and understand the potentials of human existence.
“My regular practice of Kriya has increased the depth and acceleration of release from false identifications. Now all identities are quickly and magically dissolving, beyond the remnants of fussing mentality” – Matthew Sells, USA
“As I started practising regularly, my intuition became sharper. I became more aware of energy, places, and vibrations. It is easier to read people and take decisions now.” Don Lim, Malaysia