The Ultimate Gamble
The Ultimate Gamble

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The Ultimate Gamble: Lessons Living With Mohanji

Christopher left behind a successful corporate career as a business consultant in the information technology industry to explore the unknown mysteries of life and lead a purposeful existence under the direct guidance of esteemed humanitarian Mohanji. Through this unique book, he shares extremely rare insights into the life of a Living Master. This honest and no-frills book interweaves Christopher’s experience with the observations, the practical lessons he learned and the resulting profound personal transformation during this three-year journey with Mohanji.
These lessons can benefit people of any background, especially those desiring to step out of their well-rutted, cushioned lives of mediocrity and dive into the greater possibilities of life. Going from a life of self-satisfaction and materialism to one of purpose is not for the faint of heart but for those willing to dare, take a leap of faith, let go of fears, trust in the unknown and tap into their inner strength to recreate a life of purpose.
Are you ready for a life-changing journey?