Gurulight Divine Leela Blast Bundle
Gurulight Divine Leela Blast Bundle

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Gurulight Divine Leela Blast Bundle

For your reading pleasure, we offer this bundle of our hottest selling titles about life transforming experiences with Mohanji
  • Miraculous Days With Mohanji
  • The Ultimate Gamble: Lessons Living With Mohanji
  • Kailash With Mohanji: The Journey Of A Lifetime & The Inner Kora
  • Kriya Yoga – Through Breath To Light
  • Guru Leela – I, II, III, IV, V
  • JagaMohana – The Oneness in Divinity (From Jagannath to Mohanji)
  • In Silence With Mohanji
  • The Boy Who Walked With Sai Baba
  • Notes Of Bliss Vol I & II
“Experience sharing or testimonials is the way the Tradition conveys its presence. This will help other people understand the dimensions of an incarnation. Today we know the phenomena called Baba through the Sai Satcharita. The Bible consists of teachings fo Jesus and events told by his disciples. Firstly, it is important to share experiences with the contemporary so that they also get an opportunity to connect to the consciousness that we are connected to. Secondly, it will help future generations. Thirdly, it will also be a reminder to us when our mind brings and wears cloaks of doubts and uncertainties. This will also prevent us from deviating from the path. When the mind doubts and objects, the words will come to our rescue. So, when you share an experience, you re-live, re-establish, and also re-affirm it. This will make your path and journey more stable.” – Mohanji