Home For A Refugee: An Autobiography By Devi Mohan
Home For A Refugee: An Autobiography By Devi Mohan

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Home For A Refugee: An Autobiography By Devi Mohan

Home for a Refugee is Devi Mohan’s intimate and rousing account of her heart’s journey Home to divine union with her beloved Guru and husband, Mohanji.
As a refugee amid the horrors and agonies of the Yugoslav wars, and through the dramatic swings of life thereafter, Devi charts her own path with incredible determination and resilience, using her intuition as a guiding light.
Home for a Refugee is about celebrating life, finding joy in the darkest of moments, and stepping bravely out from the shadows of victimhood to serve as a beacon of Divine Light. Every moment in this memoir of transformation blossoms into an artful lesson, a healing, a casual miracle, or a subtle awakening.
Devi Mohan invites readers to join her through multitudes of mystical and miraculous experiences (including dark night of the soul, near-death experience, astral projection and states of samadhi) and share in the blessings on her path to the One. Allow yourself to be deeply touched by her message of peace and unity and her expressions of feminine vulnerability and purest love.
Devi Mohan is a mother, humanitarian, spiritual diplomat, proponent of traditional yoga, and instrument of healing, but at the heart of Devi is Mohan – her life partner and ultimate spiritual guide. Her very name is the epitome of the Unity her life was meant to serve.