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The Silence of Shiva: Essential Essays & Answers About Spiritual Paths & Liberation

Be You. Be yourself. Be your original self. Be what you originally are. This is the core of spiritual existence. You are not just your position, possessions and relations. To find yourself, all you need is silence. Deep contemplation. Single pointed concentration. Deep silence. The highest and the truest can be found only through silence. The silence of Shiva. This is the silence of the Source.
It is within you, and outside of you, the same Source. It is in all beings. If it is your only passion, it is right here for you to experience. When the experience dissolves, you will become That. Then there is no separation. It is the only unity. That is the silence of Shiva.
Shiva is Presence. The self-glowing, self-illuminated presence that illumines all divisions while remaining undivided.
Being Shiva is natural. Being unbound is natural. This awareness is essential to walk the path towards it.
This book might help such deep contemplation.