Event Details

Festival of Consciousness, under the symbolic slogan “Return to yourself”, will open its doors to all lovers of traditional meditation and yoga techniques with the aim of connecting with themselves, on Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade on July 24th, 2021. The date falls on one of the most energetically powerful days – the full moon – thus, creating an ideal opportunity to achieve inner balance and connect deeply with oneself. The Festival of Consciousness will take place in the open area in natural surroundings of a beautiful river island, Ada Ciganlija, on the Makiš side, with the goal to give festival attendees an opportunity to reconnect to themselves, and elevate their awareness of who they truly are, what potentials they hold within and how they can contribute to their communities through love, harmony and nonviolence.

What to look forward to

This unprecedented festival in the Balkan region, will offer its visitors a rich and diverse all-day program starting at 7.30 am. Under the guidance of the world-renowned experts and instructors, all festival attendees will be able to experience traditional techniques, such as: yoga from the Himalayan Traditional School of Yoga, meditation and deep processes, Pranayama breathing exercises, Conscious Dancing, Mai Tri treatments of deep cleansing, Conscious Walking, and others. They will also have the opportunity for inner transformation, through questions and answers in a transformative conversation (Satsang) with Mohanji, as an opportunity to connect more deeply with oneself. Within the various zones at the festival, a special section will be dedicated to children who will be able to enjoy creative workshops, special yoga for children and many other fun activities.

Festival of Consciousness

As the Festival of Consciousness is of humane and ecological nature, additional value is brought by charitable activities that give us the opportunity to give back to the community and nature as a small token of appreciation for our surroundings. More to the point of benevolence, visitors will be able to replenish their taste buds with healthy and delicious vegan food and drinks. The festival is organized by the Mohanji Foundation, founded by Mohanji, a humanitarian who has dedicated his life to the world and has founded charities and non-governmental organizations around the world, the winner of numerous awards from world officials and author of several books in which he talks about his teachings based on spiritual liberation. “Once you connect with yourself, you begin to see the wholeness and perfection that is already there, within you, no matter what culture you belong to. It is very important to understand that this is not something that can be picked up from outside and that is the reason for this festival “, said Mohanji, who will hold a Satsang (an interactive gathering in good company) with the festival participants.

How to book

Tickets for the festival can be ordered through DDticketing (, at the PROMO price of 55€, and discounted price for students for 35€, while the entrance for children under 12 will be free.

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July 24, 2021 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm(GMT-11:00)