Align and heal your body, mind and spirit.


What is Mai-Tri Method?

Mai-Tri Method is a profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing in which deep-seated subconscious blockages are removed, even from the subtlest layer of our existence - the causal body - where seeds of karmic impressions are stored. While the cleansing reaches deep into the energy records, it is important to note that Mai-Tri Method does not interfere with the destiny aspect of karma (as this is what has been chosen at the soul level, be it pleasant or unpleasant to our mind).

Who can perform Mai-Tri Method?

The Mai-Tri Method is performed by initiated Practitioners who connect with the consciousness of Mohanji, passing on the energy through their palms to the recipient’s chakras (energy centers) from the front and the back side of the body.

Who can experience Mai-Tri Method?

The Mai-Tri Method can be experienced by individuals of all age groups – from small children (5 years of age and above) to senior citizens, in any state of health. For pregnant ladies and children, Mai-Tri is milder and is done primarily for health purposes, rejuvenation and protection.


This method leads to self-healing and restoration of inner balance at all levels. There are three parts to every Mai-Tri session, each with a distinct benefit:
  1. Cleansing of the painful impressions and memories and their effects gathered in the present life, starting with early childhood;

  2. Cleansing of the impressions of the past from the subconscious mind;

  3. Cleansing of the central meridian in order to remove blockages and improve the flow of energy through it.

As these deep patterns get released, clarity at the level of the mind ensues. The recipient is thus empowered to become aware of the key impressions causing imbalances, and to understand which unhealthy habits, behavioral and thought patterns need changing. After the practice, when a lot of weight from deep within has dropped, one enters the mode of alignment and self-healing at the level of body, mind and spirit.

Mohanji Acharya offering Mai-Tri
Mai-Tri a deep and profound cleansing method

Aside from the individual Mai-Tri sessions, there is a Group version of Mai-Tri Method, conducted only by selected senior Mai-Tri practitioners. Group sessions have a different dynamic and methodology. They can be done in person or online, with invocation of Mohanji’s subtle presence for protection and effectiveness. There is no hand-to-chakra application, only energy work based on verbal guidance. Group energy during these sessions is very strong and the cleansing processes are deep.

Mai-Tri can be done individually, in person or at a distance (remotely). 


How to book a Mai-Tri session

If you would like to book a Mai-Tri session or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact

Moreover, please feel free to request any prayer you may need (for yourself and/or your dear ones) by sending an email to Simply send the photo of the person that requires help, and they will be added to the Mai-Tri Method Box on which Mai-Tri Practitioners at various locations around the world work regularly through loving prayers and energy work.​


There have been many beautiful testimonials of people who have experienced the Mai-Tri Method. They can be found at Mai-Tri Blog.

Meaning of the word ‘Mai-Tri’

The actual word meaning of “Mai-tri” is friendship, companionship, collaboration, or simply togetherness.

“Mai” means mother. The word mother represents unconditional love, protection, care, consistency of emotions, continuity, life, creation etc. Mother also represents levitation, as in the womb experience. Womb represents the creation as well as healing. A child finds solace, comfort, freedom and peace in the company of its mother, across species. Every child craves for its mother. The sheer presence of mother is itself healing for the child. Motherhood has spontaneous healing impacts on the child. This healing is soothing and loving, as mother energy releases blockages and allows the healing to take place.

“Tri” represents trinity. The three aspects of creation are BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. Trinity also represents the three powers – Will Power, Knowledge Power (or the Power of Awareness) and Power of Action (or creation). Hence, the word tri represents all aspects of existence. When the pure and eternal energy source combines with the power of will for creation, LIFE happens. Hence, the male and female aspects of each existence are united in creation as well as in healing.

Mai-Tri Method can be used for all kinds of physical, mental and psychological issues
Mai-Tri is well-received across the world

Mohanji on Self-Healing

“Healing is a part of creation. Healing, revitalization and rejuvenation are aspects deeply connected to the very fabric of terrestrial existence. Healing happens automatically, as long as the mind does not prevent it. Spontaneous healing takes place when we allow nature to function without interruption. Healers are just intenders. They intend that healing takes place. The receiver allows it to happen.”

We all are natural healers; every man, woman and child naturally possess the capacity to heal themselves. All birds, animals and reptiles heal themselves. Healing is a part of our constitution.


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Tina Arya, USA
“As a Mai-Tri practitioner, I was a witness to many amazing miracles. We are so blessed to be connected to Mohanji and to be given this platform to serve. I have felt my faith and surrender grow exponentially since I was initiated into the Mai-Tri Method. My connection to Mohanji’s consciousness has become deeper.”
Subhasree on Mai-Tri Method
Subhasree, UK
““Mai-Tri is a soul impressions release system which acts on the deepest layer of our karmic and ancestral impression, the DNA and the neuron, to deliver an ‘impression-free soul’ that can ultimately merge as an energy with the highest consciousness, when the time comes.””
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Devi Mohan, Slovenia
“The Grace that flows during a Mai-Tri session transcends healing – it reaches one’s very essence, invoking the sacred inner balance already gifted to each of us by the Source. Mind will never believe it could be that simple… In the heart of our heart, beyond the karmic blueprint spread over the time and space matrix, beyond all the dramas of life, there is the space within, the sacred space filled with purest Love. Just as a loving bee extracts the honey from the flower, so the Mai-Tri Method brings you the taste of that sweetest of Nectars. And to taste it is enough to remember – to remember what we are longing for deep within. Love is the path and destination. May we experience a lasting inner transformation through that Love.”