Express Love

Love needs movement. Unexpressed love is a stagnated state. Stagnated love is suffocating. Love should flow. It should keep flowing uninterrupted from your heart to the world without expecting it to come back. This is true freedom. This river of love will reach the ocean of love, that of supreme consciousness.

Human Ignorance

When we blame, complain about, criticize or judge others, we are only displaying our ignorance about the fact that we are creating our own experiences,

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Collaborative Movement

We should understand that life is not just a unit-based existence; it’s a collaboration. There are a lot of people participating in our life. We

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Being Healthy

If you really like to have a healthy mind, step out of your house and spend time in the world outside. Be in nature, be

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Rejections of Society

Whatever society rejected has gained strength. The oppressed and suppressed have risen and gained strength over time. Time is like a wave. What goes up

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