Existence is a beautiful medley that harnesses the harmony of many lives on earth. Human hearts should feel it and nurture it to realize abundance on earth. All lives matter. You shall not kill. We shall not kill.

Authentic Humans

The species’ supremacy should be measured by the depth of love each heart carries and pumps out each day. Human beings have a lot to learn and, before that, unlearn. One of the most important learning is simply being an authentic human. All lives matter.


It is your elegance and self-confidence that reflects in others’ eyes as admiration and acceptance towards you.


Adharma expresses itself through anger, hatred, pride, ego, jealousy, prejudices, and corresponding actions. These are the inner devils that we must fight and destroy always. Dharma expresses itself through compassion, selflessness, love, non-violence, acceptance, tolerance, and kindness.


Dharma sustains the universe. Preservation of dharma is our duty. Dharma maintains harmony and peace. Live and let live without harming, hurting, and destroying anything or anyone. Acceptance, tolerance, and coexistence are part of it. The universe is built on dharma.

Changing World

Never be sad when you lose something that you gained from here. Remember, whatever comes will also go. This is a changing world and a life full of changes. Appearance and disappearance are part of it. We can only experience situations; we cannot own them anyway.