The Path Of Pathlessness

The mysterious path of spirituality is a path to the intangible. Human beings are used to the tangible. From tangible to intangible and knowing to the unknowable, the path is quite treacherous and often winding. There are many trials and errors possible. Many falls and rises. Tenacity and conviction plus the will to survive against all odds will keep us going. It is a long and winding road by itself.
Then again, those who walked ahead of us always come to help. Most people would rather hold on to their phobias, fears, anxieties and ego, and walk the familiar path of certainty which they are used to, rather than tread the ever uncertain path. They prefer comfort zone spirituality where they can choose what they like and discard the uncomfortable.

The Golden Path - The Path of complete dissolution. The Path of nullification and finally Liberation!

Liberation is the path of Pathlessness. Liberation is a state. By liberation, we mean merging back to the original form of light and brightness to the supreme un-manifested. Liberation is a process. Entanglement is easy. It needs no deliberation. It happens by itself. Staying liberated requires extreme awareness, caution and equanimity over pain and pleasure, which includes physical and mental diseases. Anything regular binds us as the mind easily feeds on it. Any ritual is a binding. Any habit is a binding. Any relationship, with the associated expectations, is also a binding. Living it staying detached or unattached is the key. This means perfect witness-hood in all three states – waking, dream and deep sleep state. Detachment is not aversion. It is also not under-performance or escapism. It is a perfect action with 100% application without attachment to the results of the action.
The path never binds anyone to any system and allows free choices to everyone. Personal freedom is respected the most. One is allowed to experience. Nobody judges. Nobody criticises. Individual karma is respected. Everybody is accepted as they are, because their free will is intact. This is the true path. In this path, the Guru, our soul and God are one and the same. Our soul is our primary Guru. The external Guru is only an exponent of the eternal principle called Guru. In the path of liberation, sooner or later, the image, name and form must get nullified and the Guru principle should shine bright. So, whatever image that we hold on to, for our immediate progress, like our class teacher, will vanish and will be replaced by another and another, until the completion of our journey. Path of liberation is always path or annihilation. Everything, including our body, mind and intellect must perish and dissolve, sooner or later.
By living the teachings, and following simple virtues of faith, purity in thought, word and action, and non-violence one can walk the Golden Path. This is not tailored for any specific religion or nationality and is universal in nature. Absolutely anyone who chooses to practise the teachings, irrespective of their age, gender, country, culture, color, creed, community, religions, languages or belief system is welcome. It is their choice. We neither invite anybody nor reject anybody.

The Guru Tattva

The Guru (dispeller of darkness) is not a person but a tattva (principle) that stays inside us and is one with us. All we need is a clear purpose and a desire to walk towards that purpose. The Guru, the principle, will then help and guide us. The Guru principle is beyond the body. It could be an object, a message or a thought or even a telepathic communication or a communion. The Guru appears when the disciple is eligible. The Guru happens when the disciple is ready for that knowledge.
When questions arise in mind, sooner or later, the answers appear. When questions block our natural evolution, information or advice happens through someone. When you need the Guru principle most, just like your shadow, it’s with you full-time. Always. So never underestimate the Guru principle. Never feel that you are alienated. It is with you 100%, 24 hours, 365 days. Full-time. Just have faith.
In order to accept and accent the Guru principle, all we need are ego-less-ness and surrender. No judgement – Just an open mind. That’s enough. The Guru principle will flow through us and guide us, washing away all our mental confusions. The moment we feel we know a lot or even worse, we know everything, the Guru principle can deliver nothing to us. Thus, the childlike wonder in us will work wonders for us, as the eternal Guru principle will take us to the highest possible, in one lifetime. The Guru principle is based on unconditional love, zero expectations and complete benevolence.
The supreme Guru is the eternal Father. Starting from Him, there are many mouths that convey the eternal principles of existence or the laws of the universe. The Guru principle began when life began and will eternally flow. Just like different teachers guided us in different classes, aiding us to reach the higher levels, the Guru principle works through various beings to help us climb steps to higher awareness. It operates through any being, any mouth and any words that matter to us, time to time.
The Guru is transitory and changes from class to class, or time to time. The principle never changes. It is everywhere and can be experienced in the sun, moon, air, water and every being around us. However, terrestrial communication needs tangibility, a body. Thus, the Guru principle could also come in human form, so that people can identify and understand. The human form is given only because one needs someone to relate to, someone to talk to.
The Guru is showing us the way into ourselves, connecting to our own soul which is the only aspect within us which is permanent. Once we connect to our own soul, we’re connected to the whole world, the whole universe. Every being operates from the level of the soul. The cosmetic differences in body, mind, intellect, ego, species and so on, make us feel separate from each other. This is wrong identification. Once we are connected to the Guru, we see the soul element within every being. Then, we cannot find differences since everything is in us.
There is no difference between a plant, a flower, an animal, a human being, the stars or the sun or the moon. They are all extension of our constitution, our consciousness, the oneness, the truth which is called the Guru, the principle, which is extended everywhere. This becomes our extended identification. In that mode, you can never alienate yourself. You will be one with the whole cosmos, and you will be beautifully merging into the whole thing.
True Gurus are just road signs. Gurus are perfectly unconditional. They never bind a seeker to themselves. They never interfere in your experience or your journey. They never criticize, judge or censor. They are objective and truthful. Gurus never display their powers to attract and control. Gurus never demand anything from any seeker. They always had all the powers to have anything they want but need nothing. They always displayed extreme inner richness. Gurus lead a liberated existence and they lead the seeker to liberation as well.
The consciousness of being connected to the Guru, brings in higher awareness, unconditional love and peace. This leads to being always content with what you have, accepting reality with complete gratitude and yet always being ready to serve the world. The connectivity could also lead to absolute objectivity and compassion based on absolute objectivity. Connection to the Guru gives you protection, elevation and eventually complete liberation. FAITH is the Key

Welcome to the path of Pathlessness. The path of simplicity. The path of non-conformity. The path of dissolution. The path of purity and lack of expectation. The path of purity and lack of expectation. You are welcome to travel with me.

The Golden Tradition Of Liberation

The Golden Tradition exists to spread the message of true love, beyond all boundaries, and preserve the ultimate dharma (righteousness) of existence. Like an open river, it is all encompassing. It’s realm is the entire universe. “If even one person seeks liberation, the Tradition will provide a guide”. This is the promise of the Tradition where liberation is the sole aim and freedom is the way of life. Freedom from the mind is real freedom. When a student is eligible, the teacher appears. A teacher cannot deliver anything to a student who is not ripe and ready for knowledge. The whole universe comes together in the creation of true spiritual Masters. The whole universe is their operating plane. There are no walls or boundaries. The great Masters existing in various planes of the universe operate on one rhythm and purpose. They all are one. There are multiple forms because forms are needed to express. But, beyond all the forms is one single entity. One creator. One creation. One purpose.
From Jesus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Devi, Sai Baba, Mohammed, Shiva, Maitreya to Guru Nanak, all the spiritual Masters of the Tradition were one consciousness and had the same mission – taking seekers to complete awareness and liberation from the birth and death cycle on Earth. They came forth time and again to show us our real potential, showered pearls of wisdom onto every generation and always told us to look within ourselves. Distinct and inimitable, each Master displayed a different aspect of life and living. While the Masters displayed profound wisdom, their distinct and unique characters and characteristics made people wonder if they were indeed part of the same Tradition at all. Some stressed on yoga, some on just observing silence, some on devotion, some on knowledge, some on faith and patience while some on purity, non-violence and faith at all levels.
In seeming diversity, there is extreme unity and purposefulness. All Masters operate as one entity and one breath, even though their methods are different. Extreme oneness but diverse expressions. Some saints of the Tradition chose to burn themselves as candles to give light and purity to the chaotic world. They silently send soothing energy to the whole world. They are intense. This is their mission. They only live for the world and not for themselves.
Their prayer is “May the whole world along with its various beings be saved and elevated, except us”. They sacrifice their life for the world, unassumingly, expecting nothing in return; not even gratitude. Some saints of the Tradition choose to be among people, in the market place, like you and me, to demonstrate the dharma (righteousness) of existence.

A Master will travel through the seven worlds and seven oceans to find and rescue a pure soul. Eligibility is the only criteria. Eligibility is achieved through Purity. Purity is achieved through Conviction, Commitment and Consistency. Eligibility needs surrender. Surrender should be with awareness. Awareness leads to Freedom. Freedom leads to Liberation. 

I am the Tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the Tradition. If I have a form, it is just a projection of the Tradition, or a sign that the Tradition exists. All powers and all manifestations rest with the Tradition and not me. The Tradition is always the doer, not the form the Tradition uses to express itself. The Tradition is the witness. No Masters of the tradition have ever been doers at any point in time. The form can do nothing on its own. It’s the Tradition working through various forms to add to multiple realities of existence for the purpose of showing the light of liberation to the world.
I surrender at the feet of this grand Tradition and all the great Masters, great Guides, selfless entities, who walked ahead of us, lead us and are still leading us, with deep gratitude and surrender. The Tradition has no beginning nor end. It flows eternally. There is no room for ownership or ego. All are part of the grand design. All are integral. All are significant. All are insignificant too. All exist and do not exist. The grand Tradition flows eternally. This is where we belong; this is our real family. There are no boundaries. Tradition has no barriers of gender, caste, color, creed, country, culture, customs and so on. One Father and various aspects and expressions of that one Father. Ignorance alienates us, while understanding and awareness gather us. Man minus ego is GOD. I bow down to all the children of this rich Tradition of supreme un-conditionality. I bow down to this rich tradition built and cemented with FAITH and SUPREME LOVE.