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Shaktipat If you come to me with a half-filled cup, only that can be given to you. But if you come to me with an empty cup, your cup gets filled completelyShaktipat is a purposeful transfer of spiritual energy from the higher realms of consciousness by the spiritual Master. It works on removing deep karmic …

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Mohanji Energy Transfer

Mohanji Energy Transfer Mohanji created a method, Mohanji Energy Transfer (“MET”), for qualified followers to channel his energy and transfer it to a recipient effectively. MET helps the recipient to achieve alignment of body, mind, intellect, ego and spirit. When we are more aligned, we spontaneously become more receptive. MET adds a deeper dimension to …

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Mohanji’s Life journey

Initial Life As his mother lightly remarked, Mohanji was born smiling on February 23rd, 1965. Possibly, a knowing of his chosen purpose with a stoic acceptance of a life full of trials and tribulations. He aimlessly ambled along from childhood to adolescence and then onto early youth. Though he did not fail any class, he …

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