Kriya Intensive at Bosnian Pyramids

11sepAll Day15Kriya Intensive at Bosnian Pyramids

Event Details

Save the date for Kriya Intensive with Mohanji at the Bosnian Pyramids 2024!

Reserved exclusively for Consciousness Kriya practitioners, this retreat is like no other that you know of.

During the four days of its duration, the sacred and remarkably powerful Consciousness Kriya will be practiced in the physical presence of a true spiritual Master, Mohanji, in the energetically outstanding locations such as the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon and the Ravne underground tunnels, all part of the wondrous Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids, one of the most significant energy portals on planet Earth. More info on Bosnian Pyramids you can find at

Who can attend?

All initiated Kriya practitioners as well as those who have completed the obligatory training are welcome to register for this event.
In case you feel the inner calling to this sacred technique as well as the retreat itself, but have not completed the training yet, you still have time to do so before September.
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Why Consciousness Kriya?

This powerful technique enables a seeker to lead a life of liberated existence, i.e. a life of complete freedom – freedom from the shackles of our mind and its patterns. It was given to Mohanji for the purpose of guiding mankind to liberation.

Consciousness Kriya begins with an initiation into a specific technique but it is actually a lifestyle of humility, non-violence, gratitude and purity. When practiced consistently with commitment, Consciousness Kriya can be described as a rocket towards spiritual evolution and liberation.

Sacred is the path and the destination.
Sacred is the practice and the practitioner.
Sacred is the initiation.
Sacred is the Kriya.”

– Mohanji

Practicing the sacred Consciousness Kriya in the strongest spiritual centres increases the effect on the practitioners. Many of them experience deep meditative states, and healing can occur spontaneously, accelerating spiritual progress.

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September 11, 2024 - September 15, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+05:30)