08mar(mar 8)4:00 pm09(mar 9)4:00 pmMAHASHIVARATRI WITH MOHANJI

Event Details

12 hours program LIVE from MCB Australia and India

8th – 9th March 2024

Starting from 6.30 pm AWST / 4 pm IST / 11.30 am CET / 5.30 am EST

With great excitement and delight, we invite you to join us for a 12-hour Mahashivaratri special program with Mohanji and Mohanji Acharyas for abundance, grace, love, blessings, and well-being.

Maha Shivaratri is seen as a time to eliminate ignorance and darkness, both in the external world and within oneself. It is an opportunity for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Event Highlights

  • Special Prayers and Rituals at MCB Australia: Immerse yourself in the divine atmosphere filled with special prayers, rituals, and ceremonies, all in the loving presence of Mohanji. Experience the profound energy and blessings that come from celebrating Shivaratri in a powerful center with Mohanji.
  • Homa for Abundance and Well-being in Mohanji Datta Tapovan, Ganeshpuri, India Under the guidance of a Mohanji Acharya from India, participate in a sacred fire ceremony (Homa) designed to invoke abundance, grace, love, blessings, and well-being. Feel the transformative power of the flames as they carry your prayers to the divine.

Benefits of Attending Maha Shivaratri

  • Divine Presence: Being in the presence of a Master during Shivaratri amplifies the spiritual experience, accelerating your journey towards self-realisation.
  • Karmic Cleansing: The rituals, especially the coconut offering and sankalpa, are powerful to burn the karmic baggage from your current life, past lives, and lineage, paving the way for a liberated existence.
  • Energy Surge: The specific time and day of Maha Shivaratri are cosmically aligned to heighten spiritual energy, making it an ideal time for deep meditation and inner awakening.
  • Global Community: Join a global spiritual family, connecting with like-minded souls from around the world, all coming together to celebrate and ascend.

PRICING: Euro 117 / USD 126 / INR 9999

To allow maximum participation for this powerful transformative ritual, registrations remain open until March 7th 11:59 pm IST.

Note: Participation in Homa is only via livestream online. There is no in-person participation.
However, in-person participation is possible in MCB Australia.

Advice: We highly recommend abstaining from food and consuming only fruits and water, as a way to purify the body and soul.

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Online Program Schedule

  1. Australia will have chanting + Shiva Lingam abhishekam + Mohanji live on screen for the initial part. Program starts at 6:30pm Perth time (GMT + 8h), just after evening arati for Sai Baba.
  2. Homa in Mohanji Datta Tapovan (Ganeshpuri), India where coconuts will be offered on behalf of participants for cleansing. Start at 6:30pm IST and go on till 6:30am IST the next morning.


March 8, 2024 4:00 pm - March 9, 2024 4:00 pm(GMT+00:00)