Devi Mohan meets Mayor of Sarajevo

“You really made my day. I look forward to our future cooperation.” – these were the words of Ms. Benjamina Karic, the lovely and powerful woman who now serves as the Mayor(ess) of Sarajevo. Meeting her really got our day rocking!
Dalila Lakomica (on behalf of Mohanji Bosnia & Herzegovina), Ivana Zeljkovic (on behalf of ACT Bosnia & Herzegovina) and I really enjoyed our time with Ms. Karic. We spoke about adding value to society and doing our best to be the source of love in our world. Rarely does one meet a person in a position of power who is this inspired by selflessness.
At one point of our joyous and beautiful meeting, I said: “This is a beginning of a beautiful friendship and cooperation. It gives me great joy to see a young, talented and open woman like you, who can clearly bring a refreshing change and truly make a difference in your community.”
Next on our agenda was a charitable initiative organized by our ACT Bosnia & Herzegovina team. We visited a mother with 6 children living in a moist house (due to which her youngest child has lung issues) whose husband suffers from PTSD and other neurological issues after the war and is not capable of work. A woman handling the full brunt of life… We brought more than 65kg of food and lots of love and support. Mai-Tri Method was offered for the husband and he happily accepted. We hope to bring some sunshine into their lives. Funds used for purchase of the food were collected during Conscious Dancing in Sarajevo the previous day – energy of love flowing and expressing in different forms…
Before leaving Sarajevo, we enjoyed a lovely vegan lunch at “The 4 Rooms of Mrs. Sophia” restaurant owned by our amazing Dalila Lakomica.
Mr. Sabit Subasic, former Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to India, joined us for the lunch and lovely talk. He was genuinely interested in the updates from the Mohanji Foundation world since he last met Mohanji 3 years ago. His admiration and interest about Mohanji and his expressions in the world was touching. It was a wonderful, joyous and insightful meeting.
Overall, my weekend in Sarajevo was truly magical and special thanks goes to dear Dalila who was such an amazing host and incredible support. Meeting our team members from Bosnia was simply incredible. Love is our greatest richness.

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