Global Spiritual Philanthropist Mohanji plans tribal development project in Chhattisgarh

The Mohanji Foundation, guided by its founder Mohanji, is planning an empowerment initiative for the tribal communities of Chhattisgarh, on similar lines as the ongoing philanthropic activities of Mohanji Foundation and its sister organisation, Ammucare Charitable Trust, in Mohanpur, Jharkhand.
With this planned project, the Foundation is spreading its wings wider, reaching out to those in need and bringing hope to the lives of thousands of tribal residents in Chhattisgarh. “We’re excited to target Chhattisgarh for our template of holistic community development that we have successfully used over two decades and across several countries,” CEO Madhusudan Rajagopalan told us. “Whichever part of the world we are in, our goal is to create a similar transformative effect of empowering individuals and communities through self-reliance, dignity and pride.”
In 2018, From a single room with no electricity, the Mohanpur site began teaching embroidery and sewing to tribal women. It has since grown in scale and scope, now selling products under its own brand “Ahimsa Imprints”. In February 2022, Mohanji ka Aangan was also established in Mohanpur, where children are provided with supplementary education including English training, weekend yoga sessions, art classes and sports. The Chhattisgarh project aims to similarly include healthcare initiatives, supplementary education, skills training, development programs, and spiritual and mental well-being for Chhattisgarh’s tribal communities.
According to Rajagopalan, Mohanji’s planned expansion into Chhattisgarh is not a mere geographical expansion. “It embodies the spirit of compassion and global humanism, that collective action rooted in love and empathy can bridge gaps of disparity and create a world where kindness and compassion thrive.”
Rajagopalan said his organization is searching for a site in Chhattisgarh that has suitable social and administrative environments. “We make sure that the communities where we build our facilities have the interest and support of local officials and NGOs,” said Rajagopalan. “Cost is obviously the most important factor, as ours is a purely volunteer-driven, service-focused organization. Therefore, before we commence work on a specific site, we ensure that the enablers are in place first.”