Mohanji – A ‘Friend to the World’ awarded the prestigious Mahaveer Award at the Nehru Centre, (Indian High Commission) in London, UK

On 28th June 2022, at an event held at the Nehru Centre (London), Mohanji was awarded the ‘Mahaveer Award’ by the Indian Vegetarian Society, a prominent institution of the Jain community. This prestigious award is awarded to those who are working to reduce the suffering of animals and instil compassion in the hearts of humankind. Past winners include renowned names such as Baba Ramdev, Dada Vaswani, Mata Amritanandamayi among others. This award was presented by the founder, Mr Nitin Mehta MBE, who appreciated Mohanji’s untiring efforts to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle around the world.
The evening’s programme was opened by the Director of the Nehru Centre, Mr. Amish Tripathi. Mr. Tripathi commented on how Mohanji’s work uplifts all beings during these challenging times on earth, highlighting that Mohanji is a true ‘Friend to the World’, the title of the recently launched coffee table book commemorating Mohanji’s decade of selfless service.
Presentations of some marquee projects led by Mohanji followed, starting with the ACT4Ukraine humanitarian initiative, which is actively supporting those affected in Ukraine, by working with local officials, schools, children and mothers displaced directly in Ukraine. The initiative is a collaboration between the Mohanji-founded platforms of ACT Foundation (www.actfoundation.org, founded in 2003), Mohanji International Foundation (www.mohanji.org) and ACT4Hunger. ACT4Ukraine’s activities are based out of the recently established ACT Foundation humanitarian hub in Romania.
Another topic presented was the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive, a sustenance movement launched by Mohanji, which has planted over 70,000 trees globally and will be carrying out more planting activities in the UK. The presentation also offered a glimpse of the various global platforms founded by Mohanji, all dedicated to adding value to their unique purposes.
Mohanji gave a short talk, elaborating on his fundamental teaching of “Be You” – i.e. the essence of leading a life of authenticity, stability and deep contentment, fully embracing one’s true nature shorn of one’s positions, possessions, and relations. Thereafter, Mr Harendra Singh Jodha, Chair of the Rajasthan Association UK, warmly facilitated a question-and-answer session between Mohanji and the audience.

About Mohanji:

Mohanji describes himself as a friend of the world with the sole aim to shift humankind to be kind humans. He states “My religion is humanity and my practice is ahimsa (non-violence)”. For over a decade he dedicated his life to serving the world and has founded various charities and non-profit organizations that act as platforms for people to express their kindness and compassion through selfless acts that add value to society.
To date, the Mohanji Foundation, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is present across 6 continents, registered in 17 countries and has an active presence in over 90 countries.