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Welcome to our global family, beyond caste, creed, communities, countries, color and religion. Our two pillars are Purity and Faith. Through meditations, sharing of knowledge and meaningful charity work, Mohanji’s organization makes a difference in the lives of many people. It is not just a community, it is a movement. Everything is done unconditionally and voluntarily by its family members. Nobody judges anybody. All according to his/her ability. Serve the world unconditionally. Love the world and its children unconditionally. This is what we and this movement stands for. Welcome. This is your home. This is what you are.” – Mohanji Thank you for visiting Mohanji’s official website. Learn more about Mohanji, his teachings, our global family and worldwide events. From here you can easily download Mohanji’s free guided meditation as well as connect and stay updated about all our global activities, from satsangs, to retreats, pilgrimages and seva projects.

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