Consciousness Kriya

The supreme goal of human existence and sole objective of the soul is liberation. Consciousness Kriya is the PATH.
Consciousness Kriya is a powerful technique that enables a seeker to lead a life of liberated existence, i.e. a life of complete freedom – freedom from the shackles of our mind and its patterns. This technique was given to Mohanji for the purpose of guiding mankind to liberation.
Consciousness Kriya begins with an initiation into a specific technique but it is actually a lifestyle of humility, non-violence, gratitude and purity. When practiced consistently with commitment, Consciousness Kriya can be described as a rocket towards spiritual evolution and liberation.
Initiation into Kriya by the Guru is essential. This ensures connectivity to the Guru Principle, which protects and elevates. Growth in the path of Kriya happens in stages and initiation into higher Kriyas is based on levels of elevation in consciousness achieved through dedication, conviction, commitment and consistency in practice.

Why Consciousness Kriya?

If practiced with conviction, faith and consistency, Consciousness Kriya is an extremely effective technique and means to this end
The journey is from the womb of the mother to the womb of supreme consciousness. Kriya is a bridge between these two, a bridge to ever-subtler levels of consciousness and helps to increase our awareness.
Kriya is not to be shared or divulged by the initiate. It is a powerful guiding light, pure and uncontaminated and carries a long tradition of sanctity and reverence, which is to be protected and preserved.
Every year there are multiple Consciousness Kriya intensives planned globally where both initiates and new approved applicants come together to learn the techniques and do intensive Kriya practice in power centers like Bosnia, Shirdi, Ganeshpuri etc. Do check the Programs page for more details or write to for more information.

Sacred is the path and the destination. Sacred is the practice and the practitioner. Sacred is the initiation. Sacred is the Kriya.


A Path to “No mind” state.
Liberated existence from all bondages.
Total Acceptance of the Self and Life.
Dissolve all identities
Achieve oneness with the universe.
Only for serious spiritual seekers.

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Q : Can kriya be practiced during night?
Kriya can be practiced at any point in time. However, for optimal benefit it is recommended that it is practiced in the morning. Also, there is the possibility that one becomes energized and cannot sleep after late night practice.
Q : How much time should I dedicate to Kriya practice?
One Kriya practice takes approximately 30mins. The more you practice the better it is.
Q : Can I be a non-vegetarian and practice kriya?
Kriya also entails certain lifestyle that is expected of a kriya practitioner. One of them is to lead a lifestyle of non-cruelty in thought, word and action. So, it is recommended to be at least a vegetarian if not vegan. One must be open to give up meat in order to be a Kriya initiate.
Q : Can pregnant women be initiated and/or practice Kriya?
Yes. Pregnant women can be initiated and/or practice Kriya.
Q : Is there a minimum age to take Kriya Initiation?
The goal of Kriya is Liberation from the mind and it generally requires a matured mind to want this. So generally, 18 years has been set as a minimum age for Kriya. However, it depends on the stability of participant and his/her ability to understand nuances of Kriya technique. However we know of initiates who are younger but have shown exemplary commitment towards the practice. So its best to apply for the practice if there is a deep call for learning the technique or write to if you are younger but feel called to learn the technique.