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Mohanji Foundation

Mohanji Foundation What started as a spontaneous coming together of those who were deeply touched by their personal experiences with Mohanji, has grown organically under Mohanji‘s guidance and vision into a global community. The vision of the organisation is to take people to a liberated existence, free from the bindings of the mind through awareness, …

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Who is Mohanji

Who is Mohanji Mohanji describes himself as a friend of the world, as a person trying to raise the awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness. He has dedicated his life to serving the world with this single purpose – to raise humans to achieve the highest values of human potential such as kindness, compassion …

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Mai Tri Method

What is Mai-Tri Method? Align and heal your body, mind and spirit Mai-Tri Method is a profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing in which deep-seated subconscious blockages are removed, even from the subtlest layer of our existence – the causal body – where seeds of karmic impressions are stored. While the cleansing reaches deep …

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Awakening Yoga Nidra

Awakening Yoga Nidra Meditation Experience deep gratitude, inner richness and get empowered to face any challenge of life more effectively Awakening Yoga Nidra Meditation is a method guided by Mohanji and conducted by Devi Mohan. It is based on the ancient method of effective, progressive relaxation called Yoga Nidra (self-induced, conscious yogic sleep) Why Awakening …

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Mohanji Shaktipat

Shaktipat If you come to me with a half-filled cup, only that can be given to you. But if you come to me with an empty cup, your cup gets filled completelyShaktipat is a purposeful transfer of spiritual energy from the higher realms of consciousness by the spiritual Master. It works on removing deep karmic …

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Forgiveness Process

Guided Forgiveness Meditation Reduce the weight and patterns of the past. Move in life with ease, fluidity and complete freedomForgiveness Process is a deep transformation process created and delivered by Mohanji to reduce the weight of painful and traumatic memories from the known and unknown past. These memories often bind us and their weight saps …

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Empowered 4.0 8-14 MAY 2022“Liberation is a lifestyle, it’s not a practice. It’s a state.” – Mohanji Previous Next About Mohanji Mohanji is a world-renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life towards serving the world. He is a lover of humanity believing humanity to be the best religion for humans. Humanity beyond all man-made barriers …

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Selfless Service

When we clearly understand all that we ever share is all that we ever have, selfless service will become the priority of our life. Whatever we ever earn from this world is temporary and transitory. We cannot own anything on Earth forever. All that we share stays with us as grace.


Audio & Books Audio Books Prayers for Protection Store Links Shiva Chants by Mohanji Store Links Mohanji Ashtothari and Sahasranaamavalli Store Links Nonstop Chants by Mohanji (108 times) Store Links Blessed Chants by Mohanji Store Links Essential Prayers and Mantras Store Links Məst – The Ecstatic Buy Now The Power of Purity Buy Now Miraculous …

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Guru Leela IV

Store Links Kindle: US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN Paperback: US UK DE FR ES IT JP CA AU Guru Leela IV Mohanji and I The words “Guru Leela” mean the divine play of the Guru (one’s spiritual Master). This is what these books are about. The spiritual …

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